Ron Lee, 
Professional Skydiver & Coach
Ron Lee, Professional Skydiver & Coach



Ron founded Skydiving Innovations with his (now) wife Ms. Todd Lee in 1986. He is responsible for sales and marketing, show development, recruitment, FAA and government relations, safety programs, performing, public speaking and outreach, aerial videography and new technology development.

Ron is a US Parachute Association Safety and Training Advisor and, as with all Skydiving Innovations performers, a US Parachute Association PRO-rating holder. He is also an FAA-certificated Small Unmanned Aerial System pilot and heads the company’s drone photo/video enterprise.
5,000+ jumps

Todd Lee



Todd is responsible for all Client Contact and is the Performance coordinator. She also oversees the Drop Zone/Landing area operations. Along with website services and digital presence, she coordinates social media, produces videos as well as Personnel Management and Client accounting. Todd has served in a variety of Client and Customer support roles since founding the company with Ron in 1986.


Performer, Leadership & Safety
Professional skydiver, speaker, military freefall instructor, coach, homeland security Expert and US Naval Special Warfare veteran.

Retiring as a Chief after 20 years of service, JC has nearly 18,000 skydives. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. A Skydiving Innovations (“SI”) team member for more than 15 years, JC directs many SI aerial demonstrations, in addition to his roles as a public speaker, Tandem Instructor/Examiner , Safety & Training Advisor and team photographer/videographer. He incorporates in his public speaking, his vast personal experiences within the US military and civilian business environments, weaving a compelling narrative that identifies the important commonalities between personal, military and business leadership and excellence.
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Master Rigger

Scott is a long-time FAA Master Rigger who can pretty much create anything we need. With design, engineering, construction, manufacturing, electrical, carpentry, communications and rigging skills no one human should possess, Scott and his team take care of all Skydiving Innovations equipment and the sub-systems we use for every show, making sure our gear is safe, in-date and working perfectly. Oh, and did we tell you he is a commercial pilot, tandem master and Screen Actors Guild member with 20 years in Hollywood?
12,000+ jumps



Team Advisor

Andy is the longest-serving member of the Skydiving Innovations team, having joined the company in 1988 when he was a member of the US Navy Leap Frog demonstration team. A retired US Navy SEAL, a PRO-rated demonstration skydiver, aerial videographer and senior rigger, Andy is one of the most experienced demonstration skydivers in the world. Andy’s contributions to Skydiving Innovations have been critical, including consulting, advising and performing on myriad complex and technically challenging performances throughout the US.
8,000+ jumps



Show Announcer

Duffy has been the primary announcer for Skydiving Innovations since 1995. He is a world record holder skydiver, allowing him to bring experience and knowledge with each performance. He is a detailed researcher for each venue thus giving the attendees information they would not normally receive. With his humor and professionalism, he has the ability to engage the audience encourgaging them to experience the show as no one else can.
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