Skydiving Innovations began in 1986 as a demonstration parachute team. Hence, it brings more than 30 years of dedicated aerial entertainment experience to every project. From parachuting into a sold-out stadium with the game ball, to executing a dramatic night jump onto an aircraft carrier for a corporate event or landing an enormous American flag banner for 4th of July, every team member is an expert parachutist experienced in all aspects of demonstration skydiving, including night jumps, water jumps, aerial pyrotechnics, canopy relative work (flying parachutes in formations), special effects, banners and giant flags.

Every jumper holds a US Parachute Association Professional Demonstration Skydiver rating. Our performers have landed in nearly every major open-air sports venue in the United States, as well as in densely populated downtown venues in major cities across the country. (Skydiving Innovations holds the record for having executed the largest demonstration jump into any metropolitan area when it simultaneously put 100 skydivers onto San Francisco’s Embarcadero for a T-Mobile product introduction.)

Skydiving Innovations has a flawless safety record, and is incident/accident/claim-free. We provide skydiving exhibition insurance for every event, with limits available from $1M to $5M.

Our Philosophy about Skydiving Shows
While most “parachute teams” consider it their mission to jump, land, wave and say goodbye, we see things from a different perspective. We think we can provide you with a far more deliberate, effective and meaningful outcome. Thus, our approach to your project or event incorporates a critical human element – understanding what you want your guests, spectators or attendees to be thinking, feeling and doing before, during and at the conclusion of the show. Then, using technology, special effects and no shortage of imagination, we engineer how to get them to that “place in their heads” you want them to be. This results in a far more entertaining and effective outcome.

Whether you want a single skydiver to jump into your event with the game ball, five parachutists to kick off your corporate event, two hundred skydivers to initiate an integrated branding and activation program in five cities simultaneously, or anything in between, no professional demonstration skydiving and parachuting organization can compare with Skydiving Innovations.

Where can we jump?
Just about anywhere. Skydiving Innovations has received FAA authorization to jump in some of the most congested airspace in the US. We work closely with the FAA, and when required for restricted airspace, the TSA in order to acquire the necessary Certificate of Authorization or Waiver. Waivers are required for all MLB, NFL, NASCAR and NCAA Division 1 sporting events, while Authorizations are required for controlled airspace. Aviation authorities like to work with Skydiving Innovations because we’re professional, prepared, experienced and easy to work with.

What do our clients have to do?
Almost nothing. We provide all aircraft, pilots, fuel, FAA authorizations, insurance, landing area safety team, communications and jumpers. We work with venue or property owners to acquire permission to land on the property, and cover all entities with insurance up to $5Million. We have a wide array of US military flags and banners, along with our giant American flag banners. For custom banner or flag requirements, our in-house vendors can craft branded banners and flags of any size. For custom-branded parachutes, we work with several parachute manufacturers to create stunning visual imagery for you on the parachute surfaces, turning the parachutes in to flying branding elements.

How To Get Started:
Contact us today. You can always reach us on our cell phones or via email, and will almost never get voicemail. If you prefer, our Contact page has a fill-in form  you can use, and we’ll respond right away.