Equipment and Props for Production:
Skydiving Innovations stocks a wide array of civilian and military parachute equipment, uniforms, radios, network and communication systems.  All of the airworthy military parachute equipment and technology is rigorously inspected and maintained, and available for television, commercial and motion picture productions at a moments notice. Any equipment we don’t stock in house is available through S.I.’s extensive vendor and partner network.

Equipment Includes a huge inventory of military and civilian skydiving equipment and training environments for production jumps or as props. Includes all ancillary equipment including helmets, jumpsuits/flightsuits, communications systems, simulated weapons, military oxygen/HALO systems, tools and hardware.

Television, Movie and Commercial Production Location and Services
Skydiving Innovations works closely with several skydiving centers/drop zones in the Southern California area in order to provide Tier-1 location services to productions needing aviation or skydiving-based locations, venues and services. Specific aerial backgrounds include hills/mountains, ocean/beaches and cityscapes. Our 30+ year relationships with municipalities, local government agencies and the FAA provide our clients with the flexibility to work in myriad environments that meet their needs.