USS Midway

With its long history of providing safe, thrilling and inspirational aerial demonstrations, Skydiving Innovations is the only commercial demonstration parachute team permitted to perform jumps onto the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. Under an exclusive agreement, The USS Midway looks to Skydiving Innovations to provide unique parachuting, rappelling and other aerial entertainment options to its hundreds of special event clients each year.  This includes landing our helicopters on the Midway’s flight deck as part of the show. The skydivers lift off from the very location they will land under parachute just minutes later.

Considering its location, at the intersection of very busy airspace shared by commercial and military air traffic, and thanks to a long term, mutually respectful relationship with local and regional aviation authorities, Skydiving Innovations is able to perform thrilling aerial demonstrations in what is considered to be one of the busiest pieces of aerial real estate in the United States. To date, Skydiving Innovations has performed more than 50 skydiving shows for USS Midway special event clients.

Here are just a few samples of our performances for the fantastic USS Midway team and her Special Event Clients:

Raw video of our performance for NFL Films and the Madden Pigskin ProAm event:
Produced video of our recent night performance:
Produced video of our USS Midway 10th Anniversary performance:
Produced video of our Santa jump for Toys for Tots at the USS Midway:
Produced video of a recent performance at the USS Midway: