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VIP Tandem Skydiving


Skydiving Innovations, with its perfect safety record, provides tandem skydiving experiences from its drop zone located just southeast of San Diego, and at a wide array of beach and resort locations, including the Hotel del Coronado. Our state-of-the-art facilities have all the amenities, along with four turbine aircraft and several Cessna 206’s for smaller groups.  Most tandem skydiving is conducted from 13,000 feet, allowing for up to nearly a full minute of freefall time. Our Tandem Masters are the most experienced in the industry, and many of them are also members of the local Naval Special Warfare community, (Navy SEAL’s and SWCC’s).

Every skydive is recorded via either a wrist-mounted HD video camera on the Tandem Master or via a second skydiving cameraman. You can watch a sample of our VIP Tandem Skydiving below.

Skydiving Innovations acquires all permits, authorizations and insurance for tandem jumps. Tandem passengers are required to sign an industry-standard comprehensive liability release and waiver agreement in order to make any tandem skydive.