provides safe, FAA-authorized drone services throughout Coronado, California. We’re a division of Skydiving Innovations, a 33 year-old San Diego-county provider of aviation entertainment and service with a spotless safety record.

For Real Estate:
Finally, real estate agents, builders and homeowners in Coronado have a trusted drone imaging provider that can capture safe, meaningful and compelling still images and video of their properties. Thanks to our decades-long relationship with local FAA and military air traffic control entities, we can safely and legally fly our drones throughout Coronado for the specific purposes of real estate imaging.

For Special Events:
Now, your special event can be documented from above – legally, safely and creatively. Our team of FAA-certificated pilots know just how to get that magic shot of your event, and can even post-produce the video for you. Whether we’re shooting a wedding, corporate outing or community event, we know how to make our clients look good from above!

Still Image and Video Capture Capabilities:
We use cutting edge small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) as our platforms for the 4K video and 16 megapixel camera systems that capture pictures and video in crisp resolution and the brightest colors. We can post-produce this content, and, for clients wanting to edit their own video with sophisticated software, we can shoot in d-log format that allows for dynamic color correction in post-production.

Legally Flying Drones in Coronado:
Every drone operation we conduct in Coronado is conducted under our FAA Part 107 Certificate of Authorization, and with the knowledge and approval of NAS North Island Air Traffic Control. (There are limits regarding the time of day that drone operations can take place.) And, we notify our contacts at the Coronado Police Department for good measure. We keep our flight altitude at or below 200 feet for every project, thus ensuring safety for local aviators and Coronado residents.

Good Neighbors:
We understand that drone flights over Coronado can be a touchy subject. Fact is, we’re property owners too, and know that low level drone activity can be unnerving for residents or businesses who are unaware of a planned and legal drone flight. So, when necessary and appropriate, we let the surrounding property owners know about our drone flight before launching, and answer any questions they may have about it. That way, they feel included and informed. (And are more likely to think positively about the real estate agent, builder, homeowner or corporate client who ordered the drone work.)

Insured and FAA-Certificated:
We carry $3million public liability/property damage insurance coverage and have never had a claim. All of our pilots hold FAA (Part 107) commercial sUAS certificates, and have extraordinary experience piloting cutting-edge drone camera systems.