Our Professional Demonstration Skydiver Course:


Who This Course Is For:

This course is targeted to USPA member D-licensed skydivers who want to learn how to plan and execute safe, meaningful and professional skydiving performances. This course is a one-day download of 33 years of well paying, safe and successful skydiving demonstrations.


The Basics About our Course:

  • Course Director: Ron Lee. D-16357/PRO/S&TA. Ron will hire a local PRO-rated jumper from your drop zone to assist.
  • Course Duration: One day – usually a Saturday. A second day is reserved in the event of weather on the primary day.
  • Course Fee: $495.00 per student.
  • Maximum number of students per class: 15
  • Minimum number of course students required in order to hold the course at your drop zone: 10
  • What is Included:
    • All Course Materials: written and online. Every course participant receives a binder containing all course materials and information.
    • All smoke/flags/special effects, systems and equipment. Training jumps with smoke and special effects are part of this course.
  • Subjects Covered: (This is not a complete list. All subjects covered in great detail.)
    • Definition of a “demo”.
    • USPA Resources & USPA License and Currency Requirements.
    • Landing Area Sizes, Definitions and Experience Requirements.
    • Who is Responsible for Outcome of the Demo.
    • Demos Gone Bad – Real examples of what NOT to do.
    • FAA Paperwork / 7711-2 Requests for Certificate of Authorization.
    • Understanding aviation maps and charts.
    • How to submit a successful FAA 7711-2 Request.
    • Developing a relationship and dealing with the FAA and FSDO offices.
    • Personnel Selection – how to choose your jumpers and ground crew.
    • Drop Zone Safety Officer (Ground Crew) Duties & Responsibilities.
    • Go/No Go Authority. Jumper In Command Duties & Responsibilities.
    • Demo Insurance.
    • Pre-jump Planning & Activities.
    • In-aircraft Operations & Communications/Demo Air-to-Ground Communications.
    • Weather Information Resources.
    • Streamer Drops.
    • Gear Selection – canopies, flags, smoke, streamers and other special effects.
    • Aircraft Selection.
    • Pilot Training and Orientation.
    • Demo Performance Anxiety & ways to deal with it.
    • Jumping the four basic special effects used on demonstration jumps:
      • Boot-mounted Smoke/Hanging Smoke/Tethered Flags/Suspended-weight Flags
    • Knowing when to Stay in the Plane.

The Practical Training Jumps:  Each student makes four supervised jumps from 4,000 – 5,000 feet – one jump on each special effect listed above. Each student pays the dz directly for their four hop ‘n pop jumps.


What The DZ Provides:

  • Suitable room for the classroom session.
  • Large-screen TV for the course multimedia/Power Point presentation running on our computer.
  • Four jumps and packing for the Course Director & his PRO-rated assistant – hired from your area.
  • Marketing/advertising the course to your base of D-licensed jumpers. Directing them to Skydiving Innovations for sign-up.
  • Scheduling of the course based on the agreed date.
  • Sufficient loads and appropriate aircraft to accommodate the number of jumpers & jumps.


What Skydiving Innovations Will Do:

  • Accept reservations directly from the D-licensed jumpers who are available and request to attend the scheduled course at your drop zone.
  • Accept and process payments from each jumper. Upon receipt of payment, the jumper will become “registered” with the course.
  • Supply all materials, smoke, flags, special effects and equipment required for the course. Includes ground shipping of “cold” skydiving smoke and equipment to your drop zone to hold until the course date.
  • Provide any airfare, hotel & ground transportation required for our Course Director.
  • Hire one very experienced PRO-rated demonstration skydiver from your area to assist with the course.


Please contact Ron Lee at 619-247-4525 or via email at rlee@skydivinginnovations.com.


Skydiving Innovations Resources:

Website: www.skydivinginnovations.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/skydivinginnovations

YouTube: www.youtube.com/skydivinginnovations

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ron-lee-4172466/