Professional Demonstration Skydiver Course:

Skydive San Diego, Saturday, October 17, 2020

Course Begins 7:30 AM.


Who This Course Is For:

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This course is targeted to D-licensed skydivers who want to learn how to plan and execute safe, meaningful and professional skydiving performances. This course is a one-day download of 34 years of well paying, safe and successful skydiving demonstrations.

Check out just a few of our performances, and see what is possible:

The Basics About our Course:

  • Course Director: Ron Lee. D-16357/PRO/S&TA.
  • Course Duration: One day. A second day is reserved in the event of weather on the primary day.
  • Course Fee: $625.00 per student.
  • The Course incorporates classroom and practical application jumps with special effects.
  • Each student makes four hop ‘n pop training jumps. (Jumps not included in course fee.)
  • Maximum number of students per class:
  • What is Included:
    • All Course and Classroom Materials: written and online. Every course participant receives a binder containing all course materials. This is your guide to putting on PROFESSIONAL demonstration jumps.
    • All professional smoke/flags/special effects, systems and equipment required for the four practical jumps you will make. (See below for details.)Subjects Covered: (This is not a complete list.)
      • Definition of a “demo”. Demos are not just “off the dz jumps.”
      • USPA Resources & USPA License and Currency Requirements.
      • Landing Area Sizes, Definitions and Experience Requirements.
      • Who is Responsible for the Outcome of the Demo.
      • Demos Gone Bad – Real examples of what NOT to do.
      • FAA Paperwork / 7711-2 Requests for Certificate of Authorization.
      • Understanding aviation maps and charts when preparing your request to the FAA.
      • How to submit a successful FAA 7711-2 Request.
      • New FAA Requirements when submitting requests to conduct demonstration jumps.
      • Developing a relationship and dealing with the FAA and FSDO offices. Make the FAA your advocate.
      • Personnel Selection – how to choose your jumpers and ground crew.
      • Drop Zone Safety Officer (Ground Crew) Duties & Responsibilities.
      • Go/No Go Authority. Jumper In Command Duties & Responsibilities.
      • The ideal “demo” mindset”.
      • Getting demo Insurance.
      • Pre-jump Planning & Activities.
      • In-aircraft Operations & Communications/Demo Air-to-Ground Communications.
      • Weather Information Resources.
      • Wind Drift Indicators (WDI’s) and why you should ALWAYS use them.
      • Gear Selection – canopies, flags/smoke/streamers and other special effects.
      • Aircraft Selection and hiring aircraft from your local DZ.
      • Demo Pilot Training and Orientation.
      • Demo Performance Anxiety. It is REAL. Ways to deal with it.
      • How things change when you jump smoke, flags or other special effects.
      • Four training jumps: Jumping the four basic special effects used on demonstration jumps:
        • Boot-mounted Smoke/Hanging Smoke/Tethered Flags/Suspended-weight Flags
      • Knowing when to Stay in the Plane.

The Practical Training Jumps:  Each student makes four supervised jumps from 4,000 – 5,000 feet – one jump on each special effect listed above.