Skydiving Innovations has within its ranks a team of accomplished, engaging and compelling public speakers, all with their own incredible stories and experiences to share. As with all other SI program elements, many, but not all of our speakers are members of the Navy’s elite Naval Special Warfare community of SEAL’s and SWCC’s. Speakers include retired members of the community from Chief up to Vice Admiral, all with lifetimes of experience and leadership in the “cannot-fail” environment of Special Operations. All of our speakers, military and civilian, bring breathtakingly relevant, meaningful content and expertise to audiences based on their specific life, career and business experiences. Speaking engagements are customized to the stated goals of our clients, and result in useful and insightful takeaways for every attendee.
Robert Harward, USN VADM SEAL (ret)
JC Ledbetter, USN SWCC (ret)
Ron Lee, Professional Skydiver & Coach
Brian Losey, USN RADM (ret)
Darren McBurnett, USN SEAL (ret)
Chis Nielson, Awakening Coach