Chris Nielson wakes people up to their greatest self.  He brings clarity, creativity, passion, presence, and fun.  People leave his presence feeling inspired, and transformed by the communication and experience.  People are transformed and lessons stick.

Chris  is an Awakening Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Entrepreneur. His passion for inspiring the best in others is found throughout his life and work.

Improv player, teacher and trainer.  Chris brings interactive games to businesses, charities, colleges, and schools.  The games teach cooperation, communication, creativity, collaboration, and leadership…leading to individual and team growth.

Chris has worked with the Alzheimer’s Association, EDCO, San Diego Bar Association, Just In Time, Intuit, MedImpact…

He works with youth and adult Sports, including peak performance training. Parenting training is a passion; inspired by his daughter Mikayla.  Chris made a lot of painful, mistakes.  From those mistakes, research, interviews and all the things that worked a lot of positive lessons were learned.

He brings the wisdom of over 30 year of sales experience to his sales and leadership coaching programs.

Chris started his first successful business in middle school reselling Bubble Yum & Bubblicious to his colleagues, ultimately leading to successful careers in sales and real estate investing.

Chris is present and insightful bringing a heart-centered approach to all areas of his life and work. He has a deep love of people and the desire and skills to help people find their own deep wisdom that resides inside.