Ron Lee,
Professional Skydiver & Coach

As an entrepreneur, business owner and professional skydiving entertainer, Ron Lee has, like most business owners, seen the best times and the worst times in business. Myriad moments of immense risk, fear and challenge in both his skydiving and business management careers have occurred, leading him to epiphanies he never expected. Thus, Ron suggests that we reconsider the very basic nature of fear, risk, struggle and failure, and how to utilize these as building blocks for the ultimate goal of SUCCESS.

For Ron personally, questioning customary ideas about these intense life experiences resulted in galvanizing moments of understanding. As his audiences learn early on, “There is enormous value in fear, risk, struggle and failure”. With more than thirty years of skydiving, entertainment, leadership and real-world business ownership experience, Ron has discovered that some elements of personal creativity and vision require deliberate efforts of meaningful, intelligent and quantifiable risk. Ron believes it is our voluntary and deliberate embrace of challenge and risk that stokes the creative fires of the human brain, and that our steps into the realm of repeated risk challenge helps result in the long term outcomes we desire. “Epiphanic moments result from a risk-rich existence”.

 With his compelling narratives around the real-life experiences as a professional demonstration skydiver, Ron connects the dots between deliberate, intelligent and manageable risk, situational discomfort, the “cannot fail” nature of skydiving and the resulting evolution in thinking that leads to greater understanding, accomplishments and personal success. He defines this path for audiences, leaving them with the tools needed to accomplish greater goals, master fear and insecurity and deliberately evolve their most creative selves.  For interested organizations, Ron’s customized presentations further define the subject, and outline the tools needed to incorporate intelligent risk in corporate environments. Managers and executives learn how allowing employees to fail without recrimination in order to improve leads to stronger teams that learn faster and are more committed to the organization’s success.

Ron’s entertaining multi-media presentations are punctuated with incredible stories and thrilling video from some of his most challenging and memorable skydiving performances. They are tailored to corporate, conference, community and service organizations, and serve to enlighten, inspire and awaken audiences to the incredible personal and professional outcomes that are the natural result of pushing beyond one’s perceived limitations.

Ron Lee holds a US Parachute Association “D” license and PRO (Professional Demonstration Skydiver) rating, and has nearly 5,300 skydives. Currently serving as a US Parachute Association Safety and Training Advisor, Ron consults with professional skydivers and their teams, and provides counsel and guidance to FAA authorities when called up on to evaluate requests for FAA demonstration jump authorizations. Each year, Ron conducts several west coast training camps for experienced skydivers who want to qualify for their professional ratings. Ron is an FAA Part 107-certificated commercial drone pilot, and possesses myriad authorizations for drone flight operations in controlled airspace. As of May 2018, Ron serves on the San Diego Airport Advisory Committee.