Skydiving Innovations began simply in 1986 as a demonstration parachute team. We performed skydiving shows at high schools, community events and fundraisers. Since those humble beginnings, the Skydiving Innovations team of aviation experts has expanded the company’s professional services to include thrilling rappel performances from aircraft and structures, helicopter transport services and entertainment, drone filming, historic aircraft fly-bys, aviation-based corporate branding and activation programs and skydiving/military-based tv/movie equipment, props and performers.  Hence, it brings more than 30 years of dedicated aerial safety and entertainment experience to every project.
Skydiving Innovations has a flawless safety record, and is incident/accident/claim-free. 
Our Philosophy about skydiving shows and everything else we do:
While most “parachute teams” consider it their mission to jump, land, wave and say goodbye, we see things from a different perspective. We think we can provide our clients with far more deliberate, effective and meaningful outcomes. Thus, our approach to any project or event incorporates a critical human element – understanding what clients want your guests, spectators or attendees to be thinking, feeling and doing before, during and at the conclusion of the show. Then, using technology, special effects and no shortage of optimistic imagination, we engineer how to get them to that “place in their heads” our clients want them to be. This results in a far more entertaining and effective outcome. (Not surprisingly, we’ve found several of these parachute teams have plagiarized or outright copied content or verbiage right from our website.)
How To Get Started:
Contact us today. You can always reach us on our cell phones or via email, and will almost never get voicemail.

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