The vicariously thrilling nature of skydiving entertainment provides the ideal opportunity to create connections between demographically targeted audiences and the brands that resonate with them.  At Skydiving Innovations, our job is to create the opportunities for these connections through the events at which we represent our sponsors and clients.  When we perform at highly-attended public events as our client’s brand representative, we deliver connectivity through performance, leveraging every opportunity to engage with the audience. Booth space, signage, uniforms, aerial branding, banners, flags and show announcements are all available to connect the audience with our sponsors.  Add to that our live aerial video platform, allowing for delivery of thrilling, live video from our skydiving performers to screens at the event AND to client social media properties simultaneously, and the effects of our performances as a brand ambassador extend far beyond the confines of the venue at which we are performing.
Public Events:
We provide our clients with meaningful and effective access to public events with large and demographically desirable audiences. Through our partnerships with Tier-1 venues and popular events, we serve as the exclusive provider of aerial entertainment, giving our sponsors direct access to myriad marketing and promotional opportunities.  We negotiate valuable in-venue branding, promotion and hospitality packages for our sponsors, and build brand awareness and loyalty through performances that are integrated with the theme, meaning and demographic of the event. And, we provide opportunities for client prospects and guests, or charity donors to make their own Tandem Skydive with our professional Tandem Masters, many of whom are members of the Navy’s elite Naval Special Warfare community of SEALs and SWCCs.  Available at any sponsored event, and with live aerial video technology only we possess, we engage audiences in the most compelling and responsive-driven ways – via social media, live content and smartphones.

Mini Cooper Branding Event

Private Client Events:
We perform at client events, bringing to bear our extensive experience with event management, specialty and aviation entertainment, and social media promotion. We craft customized skydiving and aircraft performances designed to thrill and amaze our client’s event guests. Activities include skydiving performances, flag and banner jumps, as well as VIP Tandem Skydiving adventures for event guests.
Anywhere, including any large-scale outdoor events with audiences you want to connect with. These include airshows, MLB, NFL and NASCAR events, as well as festivals, polo, concerts or running, triathlon, and extreme fitness events.
If you are a new company needing recognition, an established brand releasing a new service or product, or simply want audiences exposed to your brand in in the most effective, measurable and memorable way, contact us today.
Contact Ron Lee at Skydiving Innovations for further information.


You can watch our team in action at a the t-Mobile and Las Vegas branding and activation events below: