Our good friends Mandy and Roxana at the Eastlake Chick fil-A asked us to execute a patriotic flag jump for their annual military appreciation day at their Eastlake store. This is a special occasion, as all San Diego county Chick fil-A’s partner in order to feed thousands of San Diego’s military families for free. It is an enormous undertaking, and the store owners, all franchisees, pay for this out of their own pockets each year. The Eastlake store is always the busiest and feeds the most families. In addition, they bring in dozens of partner vendors to provide fun activities for the families, and especially, the kids.

Skydiving Innovations was privileged to participate in this important and meaningful military-support event. Skydiver JC Ledbetter executed a stunning flag jump, then handed out Chick fil-A’s iconic “Eat More Chikin” stuff cow toys to all the kids. They will likely forever remember this day. Enjoy the video of this awesome military appreciation event!