Branded Skydiving Show Sponsorships Are Available:

Skydiving Innovations serves as a meaningful and effective sponsorship & exposure platform for organizations looking to connect their brands with visitors to established events and venues. We develop mutually beneficial relationships with these Tier-1 event venues in order to provide our sponsors access to large and demographically desirable audiences experiencing our one-of-a-kind, meaningful, inspirational, and memorable entertainment.

COVID-19: With venues and entertainment sites soon re-opening, these hotels, resorts, churches, theme parks and casinos are planning limited-to-full-scale :”Grand Re-Opening” events to woo and welcome their guests back. As part of these events, they are looking to include our kind of thrilling and patriotic visual entertainment. This presents an opportunity for our sponsor clients to gain valuable access to spectators and attendees in various ways:

  • Direct Name Recognition: We perform in our sponsor’s name, rather than as “Skydiving Innovations”. All digital, print and visual elements (including flags and banners towed by the skydivers along with all show announcements) recognize our sponsor as the provider of the skydiving performance. This provides direct association between the vicariously thrilling nature of the custom skydiving show and our sponsor brand.
  • Live Streaming Aerial and Ground Video: We stream live video from the ground, our jump aircraft and at least one jumper to our sponsor’s social media properties. Utilizing Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Wowza, Periscope and other widely used social media platforms, we put spectators “in the aircraft and on the jump” with our team! We do sponsor interviews on the ground, and conduct fun and engaging jumper interviews in the aircraft shortly before the jump. If we are taking our sponsor on a VIP Tandem Skydive as part of the performance, we interview them in the aircraft as part of the live stream.
  • On-jumper Branding: All performers, (including our Drop Zone Safety Team) can wear sponsor-branded clothing, further extending the connection between our sponsor and the excitement of the skydiving performance.
  • Cooperative Marketing and Promotion Programs: The hotels, resorts and venues at which we perform work with our sponsors to develop and implement mutually beneficial marketing and promotion programs. Our sponsors benefit from the established nature of these venues and their experienced management teams.

We are fielding calls from myriad venues and resorts to assist with their grand Re-Opening events. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can put your brand front and center with Tier-1 venues and events.

Ron Lee, CEO
Skydiving Innovations